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Holy Hospice & Palliative Care -      The leading provider of Hospice Care

Our Commitment To You


We promise to help patients with life limiting illnesses to be comfortable and pain free and to ensure the best quality of life for as long as necessary To be available 24 hours a day/7 days a week To give the patient the autonomy throughout the process To provide the patient, family and friends support in care giving, emotional and spiritual To provide on-going education to the family while patient is nearing the final stages To follow the plan of care provided by the physician We promise to be compassionate, offer comfort and treat you with dignity

Nurse And Patient

Our Responsibility

  • To provide medical and professional information necessary to carry out a plan of care consistent with the specific needs of each patient, including providing support with Advanced Directives.

  • To follow instructions agreed upon between you and our agency.

  • To provide information and allow agency’s staff to act on patient’s behalf for billing purposes to the fullest extent possible.

  • To coordinate with patient and family to schedule our staff’s visits.

  • To serve you as a resource to help you coordinate if other services are needed in respect to Hospice care.

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